The motivation of the Trust is based on the biblical encouragement to freely give of our talents, time and wealth to those in need, as traditionally practiced by Christians in giving to the Church. However, our focus is not towards mission and church as traditionally defined, but to direct the proceeds of gifts from businesses into the marketplace – benefiting the business life and economy of our communities which in turn have significant social and wealth creating value.

The name Parable was inspired by the biblical records of the stories of Jesus, told as he taught and instructed His followers. Many of these teach us about the Kingdom of God which He came to fulfil. Parable is essentially about applying the principals and practices of this Kingdom as recorded and evidenced historically and currently by outstanding business leaders in our community.

We work with our members and clients to bring benefit through revelation both spiritual and practical so that their businesses can be released to new levels of performance

At the heart of Parable Trust is a virtual ‘Storehouse’ comprising of the talents that we have gathered and from which our members can draw.