Our mission is based on providing the ability to generate new enterprise and secure healthy growth for existing businesses without some of the more restrictive influences of traditional investment practice.

Our objective is to provide the type and quality of service not normally accessible to our clients and to engage them with professionals who have the ability to combine the values and focus of the Christian faith and sound business resources contained within the ‘storehouse' of the Trust.

•  Philanthropic venture management
  • Our experience shows that most businesses, and their leaders need more than finance to succeed
  • We gift rather than loan, we do not take a share of the business as part of the support package.
  • In Parable we offer a tailor made package of services and consultancy to accompany the business along its journey; be it from initiation, or through transformation to restoration.
•  A valuable ‘Storehouse’ for our members and clients
  • Providing mentoring, interim management, business reviews, financing strategies, personal and spiritual encouragement.
  • Reading materials, teaching and training resources developed by our partners
  • A fund accumulated from company and personal gifts which provide capital to our members