About Parable Trust

Formed in October 2005, Parable Trust is an initiative which was started in the International Christian Chamber of Commerce and has emerged from their 20 years of working with Christian businesses both in the UK and worldwide. Its formation marks a milestone in bringing, spiritual, practical and financial support to a growing number of entrepreneurs.

Parable is an initiative that is both radical and practical, having the distinctive we believe can and will revolutionise the start up and development of enterprises which add wealth and employment to the economy of the nation. Its giving-based approach can have far reaching impacts on how business is initiated and developed to provide the widest possible impact to the marketplace and the community that depends on it.

Parable was formed in the UK and it is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Board of Directors
Four directors oversee the functioning of Parable trust. These directors are:-

Robert Conway – Founder and chairman

RobertConway.gifRobert is married to Sue and has 4 children and 3 grand-children. He has an economics degree and is a Chartered Accountant , who spent 28 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers where he was a Corporate Finance Partner. He started 3 new businesses in PwC , the last of which was the Global Technology Corporate Finance Group which operated across 40 different countries . After retiring from PwC in 2005, Robert joined the UK board of ICCC (until 2007) , where he cofounded Parable Trust with Philip Louis.

He is currently Chairman of TAH Limited ( IT services ) and a non-executive director of Blakell Europlacer Group (Surface Mount technology) and the Selwood Group (Plant hire). He is also Treasurer of the Elim Pentecostal church in Andover.

Victor Lorenzo
Victor, his wife Silvia and their two children received a very clear call from God to move from Argentina to London in 2001 a call confirmed by their church who ordained Victor as an apostle and send the family to the UK on an apostolic mission. Having worked in media, communications and publishing Victor spent many years working with churches across Argentina, giving him the opportunity to widen his understanding of the church as a whole, an overwhelming experience of the power of God (miracles, healings, deliverance) and to understand God's purpose for his nation.

Through these years Victor learnt much from God about being led by the Holy Spirit, to develop things by revelation rather than knowledge, learning to walk, think and make decisions through faith. His understanding of the spiritual dynamics at work in people, cities and even whole nations grew not only through study but in seeing the practical outworking in many different situations.

 God made it clear to Victor that one of his priorities was to focus on the City of London ("the Square Mile") and the marketplace, helping business people to understand God's calling for them in their daily work and to apply God's principles in their daily lives. He has also operated as a business adviser, applying spiritual tools in the context of the marketplace and helping to see businesses transformed.

Ralph Hume

Ralph%20hs%20sm.JPGRalph has worked primarily in the North Sea Oil & Gas industry since 1979, eight years being with Hunting Oilfield Services where he supervised the Aviation Services Department servicing 90% of the North Sea market.
In December 1995 Ralph and his wife Maggie started Harran Limited, specialising in helicopter refuelling services. Based in Aberdeen Scotland the Company now trades worldwide, has diversified into the rental of transportable chemical tanks, and since 2005 their turnover, market share and rental assets have grown dramatically.
Ralph and Maggie credit the success of Harran to God’s faithfulness to His promises and to laying hold of the prophetic words spoken over their lives, also to receiving specific direction and strategy revealed through the prophetic word and dreams.
In 2009 they were also involved in setting up Healing on the Streets Aberdeen, where every Saturday afternoon a team ministers the love of God to people through prayer for healing.

Members of Parable Trust
Members are invited to join the trust by the directors of Parable, and there is regular update and feedback within this growing community. Many members have their own businesses and have shared something of their wealth and needs with the company. It is essentially a two way mutually beneficial relationship, one of giving and receiving over the process of their business life. Members will have a login area for review of further details and programmes that are initiated by the trust.

Advisory Panel
We have also set up an advisory panel, which in the first couple of years is comprised of the members on the board and further key leaders in the business community. The role of the panel is to be available for ad-hoc consultation within the company and where required by our clients, to help in determining and qualifying suitable companies and their owners for consideration by the trust; and finally to oversee and monitor the Trusts performance and financial management.

If you are a member click here for further information.